Value of OER for language learning

The LangOER runs smoothly for over five months now and although work package 2 (OER in less used languages: a state-of-the art) is the one prevailing, the set of activities for work package 6 (Innovative Open Educational Practice for language learning) comes up.

There are many activities scheduled from Fall 2014 to Fall 2015, with the first one being a desktop research on this topic.
One of the most interesting pieces of information gathered is the symposium “An OER kaleidoscope for languages“, held at OCWC 2012. The full recording is here

There are tons of recordings of talks on the Internet, but this one is worth watching from start to end, it is a mix of short presentations and a brilliant Q/A at the end (with experts in the audience).

Speakers-organisers of the symposium are:Alannah Fitzgerald, Durham University and SCORE, The Open University, UK; Concordia University, Canada Anna Comas-Quinn, SCORE, The Open University, UK Antonio Martínez-Arboleda, Leeds University and SCORE The Open University, UK

Two chunks are embedded here, for the most busy of you (thanks to Giulia Torresin for editing those). In the first, Anna Comas-Quinn, Open University, UK (full profile here), heavily engaged in the LORO repository of OER for languages, discusses open translation and crowdsourcing as a potential for expansion of OER in less used languages

In the video extract that follows Allanah Fitzerald points out vested / commercial interests that empede OER expansion in the language teaching field.

Some research papers on the value of OER for language learning start to be collected in our Mendeley shared library.

More about this topic soon!


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