Open translation as enabler of multilingual OER?

This is just a piece of reflexion that started to emerge in our project team. Alannah’s Fitzerald blog post on “Open Linguistic Support in the Context of Open CourseWare and MOOCs has been very helpful. She writes:

When it comes to the development of open linguistic support for the world of Open CourseWare and MOOCs, we are still very much educating in beta with language learning and translation technologies. OER14 and the OCWC 2014 Open CourseWare Consortium Global Conference): Open Education for a Multicultural World are fast approaching and this year at the OCWC in Slovenia the focus is very much on multiculturalism with the following presentations addressing multilingualism in OpenCourseWare:

We’ll have a close look to this links shortly.

Some very insightful papers collected so far:

Lane, A., Comas-quinn, A., & Carter, J. (2013). The potential of openness for engaging communities. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 1–3.

Beaven, T., Comas-Quinn, A., & Arcos, B. de los. (2013). The Open Translation MOOC: creating online communities to transcend linguistic barriers. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 1–14. Retrieved from

Both available on our Mendeley space.

We’ll keep posting!

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