Discussing the diverse picture of OER at the EUROCALL 2014- symposium, Groningen

At the EUROCALL conference we had the opportunity to give a symposium for an interested crowd. The topic concerned issues of multilingual repositories, management of OER repositories and teacher and learner engagement, and looking for shared questions in need of being tackled. Sylvi Vigmo and Linda Bradley from LangOER discussed the findings the state-of-the art study of OER in less used languages. Tita Beaven from the Open University, UK, talked about LORO and gave useful insights into management of such a large repository. Then Kate Borthwick from University of Southampton discussed work with OER uptake in interesting contexts for less used languages.  We finished with a discussion where the audience were invited to contribute and sign up on a list. We will see if we can make a potential special interest group for OER in EUROCALL.

Here are the happy symposium leaders; Linda Bradley, Tita Beaven, Kate Borthwick and Sylvi Vigmo (Katerina Zourou was also part of the planning team):

photo 1

During the symposium, LangOER partner members from Fryske Akademy Marit Bijlsma and Cor van der Meer, who is project coordinator, participated. In the photo together with Linda Bradley and Sylvi Vigmo

photo 1

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