Policy Brief: “Open education Resources in your Own language, in your Way”

Dear LangOER friends and partners,

policybriefLangOER It is with pleasure that ICDE would like to share with you the policy brief entitled “Open Education Resources in your Own Language, in your Way” that has been drafted in consultation with the LangOER Team and external experts.

The policy is now only available in English but translations into Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish, French, Greek, Polish and Frisian are underway and will be posted on the Blog as soon as they are available. Should you/a partner wish to translate it into other languages than those mentioned above, we would be grateful for your help.

A large communication campaign targeting among others senior government officials and regional associations will be launched in Europe in February 2015. Please feel free to spread the word and help us move OER in less used languages higher up on the agenda for many countries across Europe,

The policy brief, authored by a team of ICDE staff as part of the LangOER project, suggests policy recommendations for governments to take action for the development of OER in Less Used Languages.

Recommendations for governments
Recognizing the importance for nations to adopt Open Educational Resources in their own language, it is recommended for governments to:

  • Adopt national policies in support of Open Educational Resources in less used languages.
  • Facilitate in partnership with private, public and the educational sector, market places and collaborative arenas for quality OER.
  • Take the leadership in facilitating the development of open frameworks and standards to ease the ability of OER repositories and systems to work together (provide and accept educational content, compatible applications and contextualised services).

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