OER teacher training sessions across Europe

LangOER project partners have been delivering teacher training courses on Open Educational Resources and Practices. The courses were taught in local languages and their aim was to make teachers produce open resources in less-taught languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Swedish, Polish, Frysian and Greek. All participants were invited to take part in our LangOER competition!

The good news is that you can still access the online courses: all the materials, resources, activities etc. are available for browsing. You can learn at your pace, when and where you want, for free.

Explore the 7 training courses “Going Open with LangOER” in the following languages:

English  |  Polish  |  Latvian/Latgalian  |  Swedish  |  Lithuanian   |  Greek  |  Frysian

After a F2F session in Czestochowa, Poland

After a F2F session in Czestochowa, Poland

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