A LangOER workshop at the EMINENT2015 / Scientix conference in Barcelona!

A LangOER workshop has been organized at the EMINENT2015/ Scientix conference: “STEM in education and life” held on 19-20 November in Barcelona.

EMINENT is the Experts Meeting in Education Networking annual event organised by European Schoolnet (EUN). It brings experts in education, Ministries representatives and other stakeholders to discuss the latest trends in education and technology. EMINENT 2015 was focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in Education and Life and was organized in collaboration with Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, as well as the Department of Education of Catalonia. The collaboration with Scientix impacted the number of participants (increasing the participation from ~150 to 260).

lefkosLangOER was invited by European Schoolnet to organize a workshop about Open Recourses focussed on Science Education and was facilitated by Ioannis Lefkos (Web2Learn).

There were about 20-25 participants, educators, policy makers and representatives of administration and other stakeholders of the educational community.

The discussion started by exchanging experiences about openness in schools in different countries and the culture of sharing resources between teachers. The situation appeared to be quite similar, with teachers sharing their work usually only between the boundaries of their own institution but not to the larger community.

While in this discussion, the issue of copyright came up and also questions about the way to overcome such a restriction.

After this short introduction of the existing situation, the presentation was divided in three parts.

The first part was dedicated to the LangOER project. The partners, the scope, the languages involved the outcomes of the research that was carried out were presented in brief. Additional information was provided also about the documents released from the project and the relevant links.

A core concept for this part was the definition of Open Educational Resources adopted by the project (according to UNESCO / Paris declaration) and of course David Wiley’s proposal about the 5 R’s of Openness:

  • Retain
  • Reuse
  • Revise
  • Remix
  • Redistribute

The second part was about handling copyright issues by using the Creative Commons licenses. At this point the CC licenses were described and also tools were presented about how to find CC content, how to choose the correct license, how to attribute the source either from a single or from a mixed content.

The third part was the longest and the attendants were initially provided with specific examples of OER Repositories concerning Science Teachers.

With a bit of search in the content the issue of under-representation of small languages in OER’s came up (addressed by the LangOER Procect) and how this could be overcome by creating a culture among the Teacher community to Revise, Remix and Redistribute the Resources that they use or give the others the opportunity to do so if they are creators.

Finally, a detailed presentation followed of:

  • Phet Simulations,
  • TED Ed Lesson creator and
  • Amara on-line translation utility

Under the scope of Revise, Remix and Redistribute OER’s and help the enrichment of Open Educational content in Less Used Languages.

The LangOER project has been working to provide teachers with training and tools on how to be able use and create OER in their languages. A booklet for teachers will soon be released. Learn more about LangOER: http://langoer.eun.org

View the workshop presentation and all related resources and tools Ioannis  used: Open resources for Science education on Slideshare.

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