Online collection of scholar papers on “Social dynamics in Open Educational Practice”

The selection of papers entitled “Social dynamics in Open Educational Practice” for the journal Alsic is being prepared and will be released in Fall 2016. Katerina Zourou is the guest editor of this collection, which is one of the outcomes of work package 6 package 6 “OER/OEP for language education” .

Jonathon Reinhardt

Commentary: Preparing teachers for open L2TL: Frameworks for critical awareness and transformation

Malgorzata Kurek

Addressing cultural diversity in preparing teachers for openness: culturally sensitive appropriation of open content

Teresa MacKinnon, Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou, Howard Manns et Scott Grant

A Meta-Analysis of Open Educational Communities of Practice and Sustainability in Higher Educational Policy

Shona Whyte

From “solitary thinkers” to “social actors”: OER in multilingual CALL teacher education

Carl Blyth and Amanda Dalola

Translingualism as an Open Educational Language Practice: Raising Critical Language Awareness on Facebook

Katerina Zourou

Social networking affordances for open educational language practice

Steven L. Thorne

Epilogue: Open Education, social practices, and ecologies of hope

A peer-review process has been established in early 2015. From all abstracts submitted (10 abstracts), the editor have invited 7 authors to submit a full paper, of which 6 have been selected at the final round of review. Two among the selected contributions draw on results of the LangOER project, namely papers by Gosia Kurek and Katerina Zourou.

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