LangOER Project Conclusions

The final conference of the LangOER’s project ‘Open Education: Promoting Diversity for European Languages’ took place on 26-27 September, in Brussels. The event was co-organised by the LangOER project (supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme) and the Educational Repositories Network – EdReNe. Coinciding with the European Day of languages, this event initiated the project’s final phase, bringing together experts in open education and digital content repositories with educational researchers and a variety of policy makers concerned with language learning and teaching, pedagogical use of ICT, and social integration and inclusion.

One of the main goals of the conference was to discuss the final policy recommendations draft (based on the studies and observations made over the last three years of the project) and to present other findings regarding licensed and quality OER, which are still a relatively open challenge in LUL communities. The conference concluded with a call for future actions on OER and suggested actions for the improvement of the recommendations draft.

Following the fruitful discussion, workshops and thorough debate that took place during the conference, the LangOER project invited policy makers, experts, researchers and practitioners to further contribute on the debate around the final policy recommendations. First, by participating in the webinar Open Education: Promoting Diversity for European Languages – Consultation on policy recommendations and second, by joining the Facebook group LangOER – Policy consultation.


The Facebook group works as a space for dialogue and engagement around the paper ‘Enabling Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Europe through OER’ and other key resources in the field, but it also aims to enhance OER presence in policy and encourage further action.

The policy recommendations paper presents three top level policy recommendations:

1) Developing a well-functioning OER lifecycle – “create-access-use-adapt”.

2) Providing professional development and support for teachers.

3) Supporting community and network building for quality learning outcomes.

More information about the policy consultation may be found here.

Since LangOER is coming to its end, a Digital Showcase of the project was developed as a mean to collect and present all the valuable resources produced during its life span. The Digital Showcase offers a wide range of resources categorized by its stakeholders (teachers, policy and experts) and together with this blog, will remain accessible after the end of the project.

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