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Language learning challenges competition: discover who’s the winner!

Agnieszka Foltyn, Poland, has been selected as winner of the LangOER competition “Language Learning Challenges”. Her work has been highlighted as an exemplary good practice in language learning.

jaI’m a secondary school teacher of English in Poznań, interested in taking up challenges like searching for things that my students might find helpful and motivating.

I’ve been in this „business” for exactly 20 years now and regard it as my place.

When I’m not shaping my students, I’m trying very hard to shape myself with good literature, music and films. And most of all- good people.

Cheers, Agnieszka Foltyn


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Dzień dobry.

Pracuję w liceum w Poznaniu jako nauczyciel j. angielskiego.

Lubię wyszukiwać nowe sposoby na motywowanie moich uczniów do nauki, szczególnie takie, które im  naukę ułatwią i uprzyjemnią.

Nauczaniem zajmuję się dokładnie od 20 lat i uważam, że to jest moje miejsce.

Kiedy nie kształtuję moich uczniów, usilnie staram się kształcić siebie poprzez dobrą literaturę, muzykę i filmy. A przede wszystkim poprzez kontakt z dobrymi ludźmi.

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The winner of the LangOER teacher award from Sweden

The Swedish contribution with Marie Carlström won the LangOER competition of the most creative and innovative OER and a prize of 1000 EUR (to be spent on classroom equipment via Amazon). The OER will be showcased at the closing conference in Brussels in September 2016.Marie Carlström 2

The nomination is as follows: This product is outstanding in the way that it really engages the students, especially training their collaborative skills. The context around working with book-trailers with students has a long tradition. This specific OER can be remixed in a range of multilingual settings.

Have a look at the winning contribution!

Marie Carlström has been teaching children aged 12-16 for the last 20 years. Her subjects are Swedish, French and English. This is Marie’s statement: “I love teaching; there is never one day that is the same as another and as a teacher I enjoy staying in touch with creative and curious teenagers. I would like to open up all pupils’ eyes to knowledge, and how fun knowledge can be.

That is why I always aim at making my lessons interesting. Since children today are used to computers and tablets, and most of them (maybe everybody) will use digital tools when working as grown-ups, I think it is important to take digital tools into the classroom and to use them in my teaching. I also try to be innovative in my way of thinking and teaching, and I am constantly searching on the Internet for new materials to use. I also try to encourage the collaboration and the communication between learners, to make them learn as much as possible from each other, because I believe that you get a deeper understanding of what you learn, if you have to discuss it and explain it to a friend.

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How can OER enrich your teaching practice: winner from Greece

Eleftheria Karagiorgou is a teacher at the 7th High School of Trikala. She participated in the LangOER webinar series: How can OER enrich your teaching practice? She received an award for her participation and valuable contribution to the webinar series.

Questions addressed during the seminar where for example: Where to find OER in your language? Are you curious about how to blend online learning in your own teaching context? Find more information on the webinar series.

eleftheria_karagiorgouAccording to Eleftheria Karagiorgou : “The series of webinars of LANGOER were very interesting. I liked the webinar about Creative Commons the most and all the knowledge that I gained from that webinar, I will use it in the classroom”. Our school is a public school and is always looking for digital innovations, sharing the following common characteristics:

  • They are seeking to achieve teamwork
  • They aim at the students’ involvement
  • They intend to break new ground towards the local community
  • They wish for the knowledge uniting of different cognitive subject matters

Taking this into account, working with OER are a true added value for the way we would like to work within our school.

Contact details of the school:, +302431037837,

Language situation of the school: Greek as the major language and English, French and German

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