Roller Coaster Physics

Author: Iro Koliakou

Topic: leaning about energy conversions with Roller Coaster simulations.

In order to engage students in STEM activities during the Covid-19 lockdown, Anatolia College STEM organised an online workshop on “Roller Coaster Physics”.

Roller coasters can be excellent examples and tools to teach students basic concepts of physics and introduce them to the design cycle. The workshop was led by Scientix Ambassador Iro Koliakou and STEM instructor Virginia Arvaniti. Scientix Online Meeting Room (SOMR) was used and very valuable technical support was provided by a member of the Scientix team so the workshop could run smoothly.

34 students participated in the workshop. After a short presentation of basic concepts on kinetic, potential energy and energy conservation, students were given instructions to construct a paper loop and observe how different factors affect the movement of a marble. A Padlet was created for students to upload their work and material, related to “Roller Coaster Physics”.

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Star Talks

Author: Iro Koliakou

Star Talks is a series of four online workshops about Astronomy and Space exploration. Workshops were designed by three IB students under the guidance of Scientix Ambassador Dr. Iro Koliakou. The project was held under the auspices of the Social Responsibility Programs of Anatolia College, coordinated by Ms. Peggy Perakaki. The Social Responisbility Programs reflect Anatolia’s strong tradition of personal responsibility and action, which enables students to learn and communicate with the world beyond the campus.

Students were taking initiative to encourage others to learn more and achieve an effect on a positive social change. Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis, CAS advisor of the three students that were giving the lectures, asked them to reflect on their experience, desribe in detail what skills they were developing, and document how they think they had impacted their peers. The lectures were designed for middle year school students of Anatolia College in order to keep them engaged in STEM activities during the Covid-19 shutdown. Students had the opportunity to discover basic Astronomy concepts and were introduced to space and astronomy activities using several resources, including the ones from the Scientix repository.

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STEM Discovery Week 2018 at Anatolia College Thessaloniki, Greece

On April 20-21-22 Anatolia College Center for STEM Education will hold a Physics Festival. The festival will be open for students, parents and educators in order to celebrate the wonders of science, inventions and discoveries that shape our world and our future. Workshops and outside events will be running all day. University professors, experts form the industry, and independent educational teams will present the magic of physics to participants. Students will have the opportunity to take part in exciting hands on activities and get acquainted with cutting edge topics such as nanotechnology, robotics, aeronautics, engineering, telecommunications and optics. On Saturday afternoon, Astronomy Professor N.K. Spyrou will give a lecture that will be followed by observation of the night sky.

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